Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When Fox defended the Dog

As I have stated before, my favourite brand of brain dead tv was Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Cheesy and ludicrous it may be but it was always so watchable.


Audiotape of Chapman using racial slur

Some people seem to have a problem with this concept, but to most it is obvious: there are some words you do not say.

White people do not get to say the n-word. They don't. It's an offensive, horrible word used with one intention only : to demean someone on the basis of colour.

There are other terms like this, some are considered 'reclaimed words' by members of that community, but it still remains that unless you are part of that community, you do not and cannot use those terms.

Much has been made of this being a tape recording of a private conversation. Maybe, but the views expressed in that conversation will be abhorrent to many.

Now Dog is sorry. So he's visiting lots of black people to wash away his guilt, so they can say he's not a bad person, he didn't mean it and he can get his job back. It would be good if he could really see why he was wrong, not just that he lost his job.

Predictably, Fox News have been defending him, saying that the use of the n-word is "equivalent to cursing". Ridiculous.

Some might ask why such a big fuss is caused by the actions of a minor celebrity. Maybe because it is another reminder of what a racist society we live in, that people might be polite to your face, but will still use the lowest kind of insults in private. Scraps of 'tolerance' instead of a diet of acceptance.

In private or in public, racism and prejudice should be fought, or they will contaminate everything they come into contact with, including our very souls.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that people on the right in America call attacks on Bush "hate crimes" and accuse those disarrangement with American policy of being "anti-semites", but clearly and unambiguously use a racist term and suddenly it's like "what's the big deal?"

Anyway, Dog always seemed like a scumbag to me, which made his witnessing for Christ to arrestees even weirder. Then again, to me bounty hunters are already about two steps above Klansmen, who are three steps below dogshit.


Mona said...

"Same as cursing"? That's crap. But that's what fox is anyway.


Salaam Safiya,

racisem is bad!It hurts.
My mum uses the n-word.One of my best friends never states clearly what she thinks of black or Muslim people,but sometimes she talks so strange.I can't,but think she's a racist,too.
It really hurts me,becouse I have black friends and I don't feel comfortable introducing them to my mom or to this friend.Well,I've tried once to introduce a black friend to my mum,but that really turnd out bad.
From that moment on,I'm not talking of any friends to my mom or to this friend.I keep my personal life for much as I can.If they can't accept one person just becouse of his colour,than they not deserve to meet any other of my friends.Not even the green ones :)...jokes apart!

A hug ;)!