Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogger is boring but does Wordpress equal stress? *Update*

Update 12/12/07 While I wouldn't say Wordpress and I are on first name terms yet, I'm staying there. Insha Allah there will be no more posts on this blog.

All new material will be at:


So, I have moved to Wordpress as it's rather fancy and stuff.

However, I have just completed a post on there and it involved frowning a lot and trying not to swear. So I may return to Blogger as I am weirdly picky about tech things.

Until then:

Click the link for your Mittwoch dose of more of the same.

Update18/11/07: I've done two more posts there and it is still annoying me. My forehead hurts from frowning. I usually use Mozilla and spit on IE, but does Wordpress work better in IE? Any hints?


Mona said...

I've thought about it too, but I'm ascared of Wordpress! Safiya, I tagged you for a meme, visit my blog and check it out!

El Matador said...

Blogger can be a nightmare, but once you start blogging it becomes difficult to tear yourself away from the platform you started on!