Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid ish

The U.K is a pretty small country, safely within one time zone.

Yet can we celebrate Eid on the same day?


Subahana Allah, I'm so sorry to end my blog break with negativity, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Even within the same city, people are celebrating Eid on a different day.

I check the Ramadan Uk site - Eid is on Saturday, fine Alhamdulilah, I pray tarawih at home. I get an Eid Mubarak text and check with the local mosque, according to them, Eid is tomorrow.

It's been an odd kind of Ramadan for me. Not ideal, but insha Allah, there are things I can learn from it.

That's the key I guess, reaching for the extraordinary while living in the ordinary.

Being a better Muslim and/or a better person is a lot of work.

I don't think I'm the only one to suffer from bookitis, where you buy lots of Islamic books, so many that you don't actually ever get chance to read them properly, you read a bit of each and don't really get the benefit of any of them.

Insha Allah, just one aim that I take away from Ramadan, it to just concentrate on a few things, to do them regularly and to do them well.

It's easy to feel sad after Ramadan if you didn't quite attain that level of worship that you wanted to. Alhamdulilah, in Islam everyday is an opportunity, everyday we can make that Journey to Allah swt, or at least start on the first few steps of it.

Make today that day. Today is all we have.

In the last days of Ramadan, a very dear and wonderful brother in Islam died. Masha Allah, he had the biggest heart. There may be some of you reading this who know who he was. What made him stand out is that he did things, made things happen and he helped so many people.
He truly believed that Islam for a gift for all mankind and Masha Allah, he welcomed many people to the deen. May Allah swt forgive him and have mercy on him.

Eid Muburak to everyone whenever you celebrate.

P.S I think this is lovely. Jazak Allahu Khayran to all who have made it possible


iMuslim said...

Eid Mubarak sis! I'm also in UK, and very confused... but went to pray the Eid salah today, so i guess it's Eid! ;) xxx


sallam :),

ramadan ended with a resolution for me to leave islam,but still i would like to wish you a very happy holiday and god bless you.
please do not think that i think bad of islam,it's just that it's not my way of living.i'll remain unreligious,although i will stick to some things i learned during this year of my islamic life.
i really wish you all the best and to have a lot of sweets today :).

bye from slovenia,


Safiya said...

imuslim - Eid Mubarak, maybe next year, insha Allah the community will work hard to end the confusion.

Natashaamina - Walikum salaam. I wish you all the best. If you ever need anything, please let me know.

All I will say is that I know a lot of people for whom at the time, converting/living islamically wasn't right for them, but eventually they felt something inside that drew them back to Islam.

Sometimes living as a Muslim can seem hard. Maybe, but then life can be hard anyway.

If there is one thing that I want people to take away from this blog it's this:

Islam is for everyone

Really. Not just for people of x ethnic group, or whatever.

Allah swt states in a hadith:
"When My servant walks towards my, I run towards him".

That's all us Muslims are doing, walking towards Allah swt. Some of us keep the pace better then others, some of us get distracted, fall off, whatever, but we keep on walking.

Nobody starts climbing midway up the ladder, you have to start from the bottom, step by step.

Anyway, I think I might make this a post.

Ali la Loca said...

I appreciate the sentiments you expressed about what you want to take out of ramadan. These are wonderful objectives no matter what one's religion or beliefs.

I had heard that Eid was on Friday here, but maybe it changed...

Alina Popescu said...

I'd like to say such confusion is abnormal...But I come from a Christian tradition, where I know of at least three dates (weeks apart) to celebrate Easter...

Your goals after Ramandan are indeed the most important. And they seem to be above religion and ethnicity. So I guess you're on the right track with the purpose of this blog.

Zeynab said...

I heard Ramazan was Thursday, I heard it was Friday, I heard it was Saturday. (shrug)
A belated eid mobarak to you!