Sunday, September 09, 2007

Muslims on the internet

I love the internet. I can remember the first time I ever used the internet (It was in South Wales, in 1998) and thinking that this was the start of a big love affair. All that information, just a few clicks away!

When I became Muslim, I used to search endlessly for information about Islam and Muslims generally.

People might mock "Mullah Google" and talk of the perils of getting your religion from the internet, but lots of us have done it and still do.

For many the interent is a place we feel we can discuss issues freely. Still I think it's important, before typing a response, to think: "Would I go up to that person and say it to their face?".

Muslims are meant to have excellent manners/adab. We even have an example to follow, our beloved Messenger of Allah, the Prophet Muhammed, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

To point about reading about Islam, spending virtual time with Muslims, should be to bring you closer to Allah swt.

So why do I feel like I've been hit in the abdomen with a baseball bat by some of the things I've read?

It's easy to forget that lots of people live quite happily without having an "online life". The other day, I over heard someone asking what a blog was.

It's Ramadan soon, insha Allah and Alhamdulilah for this blessing.

I am seeking humility and purity. I want this month to matter, to have a lasting effect.

Examining how I spend my time, or rather how I waste it. What I can be doing to bring myself closer to Allah swt.

A while ago, Bint Will (a regular commenter on Umar Lee's blog) said that she wasn't sure if she is a better person since becoming a Muslim.

Her question resonated with me - am I a better person? I don't know, but I know that I want to be.

A big step I am currently taking is looking at what enters my ears and my eyes. Is it beneficial? Is there better things I could be doing. Insha Allah, the internet is one of those areas.

As always, if anyone has any advice or thoughts on this, please feel free to leave a comment or email me (my address is in my blog profile).

If anything thing good is in this blog post, it is from Allah swt, if anything bad is here, it's from me.

May Allah guide and protect you all.


Sugar Mouse In The Rain said...

Of course you are better as a Muslim, or that's at least how God looks at us. Those of us who are more pious, are better than those who are less pious. And someone who believes that Allah is one and that prophet Mohamed (May Peace Be Upon Him) is better than someone who doesn't. Looks and material aspects don't matter, what matters is the heart. So ask yourself, do you have a better heart now? I am sure you have.

foreverloyal said...

I have been trying to decide if I will even blog this Ramadhan. Not sure yet. If I do I should be sure to do it after I've done everything that is necessary that day, including my 1/30 of Qur'an.

Alina Popescu said...

We all, regardless of our beliefs, try to make the best out of our lives. To make our best efforts not to waste time, not to linger or postpone what's important. But if we'd act perfectly all the time, no flaws, no wrong steps, would we still be human?

Yes, we all strive to be focused, efficient and spend our time in a worthwhile manner. But sometimes, just sometimes, a day of doing nothing at all, of just doing the things we love is just another way to finding ourselves. Daily musts yield stress, tiredness, sadness sometimes. They all need to be vented out somehow.

I am not Muslim and probably that is why I have different views. But even if you spend your time fasting and praying, is that all you can do, the best you can do? Can that top helping others? Can it top wasting 2 hours of your time just listening and trying to help a friend in a bad situation? Our time is plenty. And there is room for everything. For a good reason, everything else can be postponed. So this is how I see it.

Safiya said...

Salaam Alaikum

SMitR - In answer to your question - maybe. I still feel like I should be a lot better on the inside then I am.

Foreverloyal - Insha Allah I will definitely take a blog break. I need it. Sometimes blogging feels valuable, other times like eating too much junk food. I spend far too much time on the internet, insha Allah I really want to use this break to wean myself down to a more healthy amount.

Alina - Helping someone is considered a wonderful act in Islam.
A saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is "None of you truly believe unless he wants for his brother what he wants for himself".
There are lots of ways to be a good Muslim.
But Ramadan goes beyond that, it's an obligation upon us, to give us humility and remember those of have less and increase our charity to them.

Here is a good article for the wider meaning of Ramadan

Alina Popescu said...

Safiya, thanks for the information. I will surely check this out. But I wanted to say carefully planing your actions is not really that important. The unexpected can still occur and work on making you a better person.

Zeynab said...

Safiya, thanks for your comments on Muslima Media Watch; we appreciate your interest and look forward to your comments in the future! New readers always excite us!

The internet can be a wonderful place for everyone, and we as Muslims have our own niche, hamdullah. If there is good in your heart, then your Ramazan will be good, no matter if you spend it "online" or not, I think.

Ramazan mobarak!

crybaby said...

To me islam is to believe in Allah and Muhammad being the last prophet, the rest is about civics, manners and society :). I mean isnt it a hadith that Allah will forgive what you owe to him, but not what you owe to people.