Monday, August 27, 2007

Something I just had to share

From the live chat with Ummah Film's Baba Ali on

Not a question, a comment: I found Baba's hijab video while researching Christian headcoverings. That video gave me a window into Real Muslim(tm) who weren't terrorists, weren't scary, and were introspective and just trying to live a good life. Long story short, a few months later, after reading the Qu'ran and discussing with a few ppl, I took Shahada. So thank you Baba, for opening the windows to truth for me. Salaams and blessings, brother.

Alhamdulilah! It can be the smallest things that lead someone to Islam. Masha Allah to Baba Ali for his excellent work and a reminder to us that our actions can have great consequences - so represent!


Anonymous said...

Baba Ali is exactly what Islam in America needed; someone who is high profile and charismatic but doesn't take himself too seriously. My favorite? Don't loudly argue about your halal meal on the plane.


Safiya said...

It's hard to pick a favourite - maybe the "Discount" one.

He is a cool dude though, a real blessing.