Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mittwoch, Mercredi, Dydd Mercher, Yawm Al Arbiaa, Miercoles

I don't update this blog enough..... so insha Allah I will try and do a weekly update every Wednesday.

Outlines of a Hypocrite
Elsewhere I declared that British people were not overly patriotic or arrogant about their country.
This week, I asked Mr Outlines: "What's your national anthem?". Mr Outlines being from a land where this sort of knowledge is obligatory, was able to sing it perfectly and then translate it.
My response "Pah! I only know about three lines of our national anthem, but it's better than that."
After repairing to the internet for a demonstration, he had to agree that it was (In terms of tune rather then lyrical content, neither of us are big royalists). Me, I was impressed that it contains the line "Confound their knavish tricks". What a turn of phase! If it was written today it would be something like "Put a bad story about them in the press". We are indeed dumbing down.

Ice Head
Several times a week, I'll say to Mr Outlines, "I wish I was a bounty hunter", because I'm watching "Dog the Bounty Hunter". I love that show. It's just great on so many cheesy levels.
Aside from that, it's also a reminder (if you needed one) that crack is evil and will destroy your life, if you are stupid enough to go anywhere near it.

Thin but won't win
I also watched a documentary called "Thin", about a treatment centre for eating disorders on the US. People suffering from ED are often seen as attention seeking teenage girls, when sadly ED's are mental illnesses with an extremely high mortality rate. The saddest part was one women explaining that her eating disorder was her entire life.
The media is culpable for this. The ideals just do not reflect society and it's frightening how quickly size zero is becoming an acceptable aim. In the 70's Agnetha from Abba was probably considered the ideal woman, now she would be deemed fat.
We are made in all different shapes and sizes, why can't that be celebrated?

A Shiny Heart
The "study kick" consist of some Islamic courses I'm taking online through a rather well known website.
Tip - Do not look at the course catalogue, say "I need to learn everything" and take three courses at once, not when you work full time, anyway. Still, I have been incredibly slack in my learning for a long time now, so I feel like I have some running to do.
Alhamdulilah, I am enjoying the study and it is really helping in my Rememberence of Allah swt.
I really needed this. It's just so easy to get caught up with everyday things, you forget the ultimate aim.

Finally, if you tell one lie.....
"The splicing together of extracts from longer speeches appears to have completely distorted what the speakers were saying.

"The CPS has demonstrated it will not hesitate to prosecute those responsible for criminal incitement.

"But in this case we have been dealing with a heavily-edited television programme, apparently taking out of context aspects of speeches which in their totality could never provide a realistic prospect of any convictions."


Alina Popescu said...

Haha, and I thought I was the only one wanting to be just like characters in TV shows I watched :P

poetic muslim said...

Im like that I wont tell you who i would like to be though ....although when I read storys of heroin's I wish I was one to I dream alot ..infact I have alot of fantasys about the future one has to try 2 make them work .
btw my other blog is drop by inshallah any time ;)

luckyfatima said...

good luck with your courses. heh heh yawm al arb'aa is budh in Urdu.

Ali la Loca said...

I think national anthems should be at least singing-friendly. Ours (US) is such torture to try and sing on-key and in range!

I'm curious abou the Thin program you spoke of. I wonder where I might find it...EDs are such an awful thing to go through - take it from me - because you feel completely misunderstood by the world at large, and people dismiss your suffering as something quite superficial that can be solved by simply "eating normally" or "going on a diet".

Safiya said...

Alina - Me too! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Tell me, who would you like to be?

Poetic Muslim - It's true, we should live the life rather then dream a dream, but insha Allah I hope your situation improves soon.

Luckyfatima - Thank you, I should add that to my title really.

Ali - Click on the word "Thin" in the post and you will be magically transported to the documentary site site. ;)