Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just to watch it burn.

This summer there have been several outbreaks of forest fires across
southern Europe. A big chunk of Greece is currently ablaze.
Disturbingly, it has been reported that a substantial number of the
blazes were started deliberately.

A possible theory for the arson attacks is so that the land can be cleared and developed upon.

People have died in these fires. The current toll is 64 people in the current outbreak.

someone/people, (and it is an if, not a definite) started those fires,
purely for financial gain, that is greed of an almost mutant nature.

you imagine having the literally, burning desire to make money so much,
that you didn't care if you killed your neighbours, or whoever in order
to do it.

Does that sort of greed consume you, whisper in your
ear all the time? Is it sharp like hunger pains, or more like a gnawing
sensation, that you have the right to be successful, it'sok, you don't mean to harm anyone.

is something almost mythological about such levels of greed, that
desire to have everything, even if it means everyone has nothing.

see this greed in many guises. It is so often excused. Wanting
something at the expense of someone else - it is the other person's
fault. You were greedy first, you worked hard for this, deserve this,
need this.

To want so much, consume without question, devour without satiety. There is no end, just a perpetual pursuit of the means.


poetic muslim said...

I also heard one time that the manufacturers make their products with cheap quality so that they dont last long , so we have to keep buying new ones, it is sick to say the least , may allah keep us away from greed, it is something that is absured to say the least , life is short ? so be good and live in peace with others.....honestly people some people are so clueless on life .

Manal said...

No longer does fear in God and fear of the Last Day exists in people's hearts. This world is becoming more and more miserable. I truly believe that the good is surely but slowly diminishing in this life. The bad is certainly reigning fast over the good........very sad, if you ask me!:(

MR said...


Voice Only Nasheeds: Mishary Rashed el-Efasi or Efasy, Ahmed Bukhatir

Duff only: Talib al-Habib



Salaam Safiya :),

thank you for your help during the last week.You know,your sentence about sleeping well and eating properly in a time of despair made me feel much better.Usually,I say this frase to myself before starting to prepare for an exam and it always makes me focus on what I have to do.I hope we stay in touch,becouse I have also some questions as a convert to be and maybe you could give me some advice.
As for your post about the fires around southern Europe (I live in southern Europe),I must say that three weeks ago I saw one.It was during one evening and the fire was so big.Terrible!However,I must say that living in southern Europe I am quite used to fires during summer.Most of them arise,becouse it is to hot and dry.Anyway,this year the situation was extreme.Many fires were started by people who are simply crazy.Now it is September and hopefully everything will calm down.

I wish you a nice week!

Safiya said...

Salaam Alaikum everyone!

Poetic Muslim- I agree, nothing is built to last anymore. It's a throwaway society.

Manal - I'm so pleased to see you here!
I can see your point of view.. but I try to concentrate on the positive. We still have so many of Allah's blessings.

MR - Jazak Allahu Khayran brother!

Natashaamina - I'm glad you are feeling better. Insha Allah, I'm here to help you in anyway I can.

Alina Popescu said...

Safiya, I do hope the fires were not started intentionally. I know such people exist, those who care more about money and their gainings than about human lives. But I just hope this time it's just caused by something else...