Friday, May 18, 2007

So Easy

Allah swt knows. Your earliest memory, the people you love more then you can say, the swear words you utter under your breath, your deepest fears, the music you secretly like, what you actually do all day, your regrets, every action, every intention whether in private or in public.... Allah swt knows everything about you. He is the One we aim to please and we can hide nothing from Him.

Still, we can hide things from other people, right? Not just hide those things but pretend we never, ever do them and look down on those who do. We can aspire to be an image and think that the closer someone is to that image the more perfect they must be.

I will put this simply. I know excellent, pious Muslims who don't watch t.v, don't listen to Music and dress in a traditional manner. I also know Muslims of equal sincerity and piety who do listen to music, wear western clothes and never miss an episode of Lost.

People attain nearness to Allah swt in different ways. It is an individual journey and it as individuals that we will be judged.

We are angry when others demean our faith, yet by attaching such importance to little things, by assuming piety is measured in inches (beards, hijabs e.t.c), we demean it ourselves.


Manal said...

Good post and excellent points. We really should not even in the slightest bit judge one another period. No one has the right to do so, only Allah (swt) judges and yet what happens?? Every single day people are always pointing fingers and competing with one another!! Very sad!:( Besides, Allah judges not only our actions and behavior but our intention behind them and I am sorry, no one can read another's heart!!

You know, with me, I really do not mind it when people judge me or talk about me. It is all good because deep down it is those very people who are actually giving me, what I call, "extra credit" (also known as "hasanat")LOL!:) So, in a sense, I should turn around and thank them with a smile!:) LOL

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Alina said...

I always thought one's relationship with God and his belief are never matters open to any discussion. It is something personal and it cannot be evaluated by comparing yourself to others and what they do or how they behave. You can only know what you feel.

Gazelle said...

Basically I feel it all depends on your 'niyyat' or intention, which is why it has so much importance in Islam.

I saw that you had commented on my blogger account. I dont blog there, my blog is at . Thanks for the comment anyway. said...

good post