Friday, May 18, 2007

So Easy

Allah swt knows. Your earliest memory, the people you love more then you can say, the swear words you utter under your breath, your deepest fears, the music you secretly like, what you actually do all day, your regrets, every action, every intention whether in private or in public.... Allah swt knows everything about you. He is the One we aim to please and we can hide nothing from Him.

Still, we can hide things from other people, right? Not just hide those things but pretend we never, ever do them and look down on those who do. We can aspire to be an image and think that the closer someone is to that image the more perfect they must be.

I will put this simply. I know excellent, pious Muslims who don't watch t.v, don't listen to Music and dress in a traditional manner. I also know Muslims of equal sincerity and piety who do listen to music, wear western clothes and never miss an episode of Lost.

People attain nearness to Allah swt in different ways. It is an individual journey and it as individuals that we will be judged.

We are angry when others demean our faith, yet by attaching such importance to little things, by assuming piety is measured in inches (beards, hijabs e.t.c), we demean it ourselves.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Shut you out

I am sick to beyond my own back teeth of reading little internet macho men insult Muslims and particularly Muslim women.

Constantly they cant on about how oppressed and backwards we are, not realising that we do not need or want their contemptuous pity.

Let me spell it out for you:
I am a law abiding, tax paying, hard working citizen of this country, so don't tell me to go back anywhere or imply I am somehow costing you money. I belong here as much as you do and contribute fully to society.

I believe in multiculturalism, not just for Muslims (although we are, actually a multicultural bunch), but for everyone. Diversity and respect for each other will bring us strength, it will make us stronger.

Islam is a beautiful religion, Alhamdulilah. If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them and I accept that you might not want to be Muslim. Contrary to popular belief, forced conversions are forbidden in Islam.

But, back to the haters. I can not help but notice the misogyny that seeps through most anti Muslim diatribes, the disdain that they view Muslim women with. Virtually every single blog I know that is written by a Muslim women on the net either has, or has had comment moderation on due to receiving abuse from Anti-Muslim men. Strange how they seem more hesitant
about stepping up to our brothers.

To all the secular "Muslims"/Arabs/e.t.c who belittle practising Muslims and especially practising Muslim women, shame on you.

Those who insult Islam and Muslims, you may call yourself secularists, pro-Western, or whatever, I call you racist and misogynistic and pity you for your ignorance which you do not seek to remedy, the loathing in your hearts and your cowardice in writing things which you would never dare to say to a Muslim's face.

I seek refuge in Allah swt the All -Knowing, source of all strength.