Friday, January 26, 2007

Not Right in the Head

Above, a selection of oh so humourous right-wing t-shirts for your perusal.

I will admit that my first reaction on seeing them was; "Is re-defeat even a proper word?"

It's funny how they still keep that old nostalgic hate of communism. I guess that's the GOP equivalent of kicking it old school.

Two C's, Christianity and Communism. Despite their love of the former and it's values (as they see them) and their hatred of the latter, it always seems like the rabid right wingers don't know much about either.

The only bit of the Bible they know is the parable of the talents (used to prove that making money is good)and Leviticus 20:13. Much talk of Christian values and minimal use of scripture to back it up.

As for hating communism, how many of them have actually read the Communist Manifesto?
Probably none, otherwise they wouldn't be calling Hilary Clinton a Communist.

The most, most despised thing of all to these people is of course Islam and Muslims. They never tire of saying how weak and ill-educated Muslims are, yet we must be pulverised all the same. Have they read the Quran? Or just bits of it posted at Jihad watch?

Maybe it's easier to hate, to feel superior, to call for destruction without really knowing why.

Or maybe, they don't read these books because they're scared to.

Scared that the Bible they support so much, doesn't support their actions.

Scared that they might think the Communist manifesto is an interesting viewpoint of history and had very little to do with what happened in so-called Communist countries.

Even more frightening of all, they might read a translation of the Quran and realise that Allah and God are the same, Muslims love Jesus (peace be upon him) as much as they do, that the Quran advocates many human rights, and the advancement of the human race.

Worst, worst, worst of all to a Muslim hating, arab baiting, blood thirsty (from the comfort of their armchair though) bigot: if they read the Quran, they might think that it is really the Word of God.

And what would happen then?

It must be really hard not being able to print t-shirts insulting Black or Jewish people. At least they have us Muslims and the Mexicans to insult instead.


DA said...

Calling anyone who has served on the board of Wal Mart a communist is just plain wierd.

This is why I'm in favor of gun ownership, in large part; the fascists have guns, no way they're getting the drop on me when things go south.

[a} said...

Your last sentence just SAID it!

This whole piece I agree with completely. Thanks for posting.

Hussein said...

If you can handle the rather poor video quality , you should see Ken Livingstone debate one of those right wing fascists Daniel Pipes in this recent London conference.

Ayman El-Sherbiny said...

Your post is more than perfect, it summarizes poeple's fanaticism, however the truth is.