Monday, December 25, 2006

The BNP at the ballet

Simone Clarke, one of the principal dancers with the English National Ballet has been revealed to be a member of the British National Party.

"Clarke said she believed that immigration had "really got out of hand". She added: "If everyone who thinks like I do joined, it would really make a difference." "

The BNP, for those fortunate enough not to have heard about them already, are a far right party, similar to Le Pen's Front Nationale in France, i.e a bunch of racists fixated on returning their countries to some ideal of racial purity which never actually existed.

The strangest aspect of Clarke's membership, is that her fellow dancer, partner of five year and the father of her child is Chinese-Cuban.

So either she's stupid or extremely deluded or both.

As a member, presumably she must regularly receive some sort of party literature and I wonder what her partner thinks of statements of the U.K being somewhere for whites only and that white people (specifically, Northern European white people, they follow the thinking of their hero Adolf on this),are superior. Or that those who date marry/outside of their race are "traitors".

I feel both disgusted and perplexed by this because, like many converts, I'm in a mixed race marriage. My husband is Arab and a foreign national. Although to the likes of the BNP, I'm already a disgrace for converting to Islam (current legislation means it is not illegal to insult Islam and Muslims in the U.K, something the BNP have readily exploited).

One of the things the BNP finds objectionable about Islam is the idea that Muslims (of the non-white variety) will come into the country and take "their women", as when a mixed race child is born: "a white family line that stretches back into deep pre-history is destroyed."

Do these people not have access to history books? Due to an extensive history of invading each other, there is no pure white race in Europe. It doesn't exist.

In summary, the BNP wish to attack the lives, futures and dreams that I and other people in mixed race relations hold dear. That's why I cannot understand someone in a mixed race relationship supporting them.


Abu Sinan said...

The BNP is about much more than immigration. Ties to groups such as C-18 prove this.

Nothing more than dressed up version of the old street thugs.

Safiya said...

I totally agree. I'm sure no one really believes that the "repatriation" they long for would be conducted voluntarily. They are the same scum, just these days, they wear suits and quote Hitler less.

Anonymous said...

When we vote there are booths which protect us from intimidation by giving us privacy. That is democracy on the ground, hands on democracy, something The Guardian doesn't respect.

Nigel Sommers said...

Simone Clarke clearly has no place being a member of the BNP. The Chairman of the BNP Nick Griffin has previously written, "Do I regard someone who is married to or living with a partner of another race as a suitable member or candidate for the BNP? No, because by their choice they have clearly shown that they do not share our most fundamental values."

The BNP must expel Clarke or continue down the slippery slope of compromise. The BNP will have stopped being a white party for white people and become a mixed race party for race mixers if Simone Clarke is allowed to remain a member. Where will it end?

Safiya said...

Anonymous - While the right to privacy at the voting booth is indeed a right to be respected, the right to secret membership of an extremist politcal organisation is another. The BNP constantly claim that they are mainstream, so why should people be want to keep their membership a secret? The answer of course, is that most of the population find the BNP and it's policies morally reprehensible.

Nigel Sommers - So the BNP are at risk of going to "continue down the slippery slope of compromise".

I think they're inherently wicked and therefore on a slippy road anyway and to somewhere far more sinister then compromise.

Also, please do not post any further links to the BNP on my blog.

DA said...

The concept of British racial purity is a joke anyway. I mean, last I checked, England's population (to say nothing of that of Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, whatever) are made up of mixed Cymric, Pictish, Angle, Jute, Roman, Saxon, Irish, Manx, Norman, Viking, Provencal, Spanish, Catalan, and god knows what other bloodlines. Which are themselves mainly composites of other peoples, historically speaking. What, a few desis marrying in is gonna be any big whoop?

bibliophile said...

Assalaamu aleikum

Nice blog, ma sha Allah. Wandered over here from a link in Abu Sinan's comments

As for the BNP, - "a white family line that stretches back into deep pre-history is destroyed." - I'm a white convert and none of my siblings or first cousins seem to be about to reproduce, most of them are too o d now and have missed that particular boat.

This means that I am the sole perpetuator (is that a word?) of the ancient family line that we reckon goes back to Anglo-Saxon times on one side and possibly Celtic on the other. And guess what? I married a "foreigner" and the line is now Muslim.