Friday, December 29, 2006

Than Thou - Part Two

Manal, wife of Abu Sinan has recently started a blog, and very entertaining it is too. Except she has already had a troll who accused her of "not sounding like a Muslim", which is a nasty and completely unfounded slur.

There is no justification for such behaviour, but the cause of it is simple, yet decidedly unIslamic. We all want to be good Muslims, we want this more than anything else. For some this desire gets mixed up with the longing for others to see what a good Muslim you are, such longings then lead to the childish tactic of calling others bad Muslims so that you look like a good Muslim in comparison.

Or, to put it another way, putting someone else down to make you feel good. Which is less about Islam and more about pride and ego.

We can all be tempted by such thoughts, but there is a simple cure. When you see a Muslim doing something you see as sinful, first consider: "Would I exchange all the sins I currently commit for the sin I feel this person is committing?". Usually the answer is "yes".

Or as Abu Hanifa (RA) so eloquently put it "Oh my eyes, but others have eyes too."

Monday, December 25, 2006

The BNP at the ballet

Simone Clarke, one of the principal dancers with the English National Ballet has been revealed to be a member of the British National Party.

"Clarke said she believed that immigration had "really got out of hand". She added: "If everyone who thinks like I do joined, it would really make a difference." "

The BNP, for those fortunate enough not to have heard about them already, are a far right party, similar to Le Pen's Front Nationale in France, i.e a bunch of racists fixated on returning their countries to some ideal of racial purity which never actually existed.

The strangest aspect of Clarke's membership, is that her fellow dancer, partner of five year and the father of her child is Chinese-Cuban.

So either she's stupid or extremely deluded or both.

As a member, presumably she must regularly receive some sort of party literature and I wonder what her partner thinks of statements of the U.K being somewhere for whites only and that white people (specifically, Northern European white people, they follow the thinking of their hero Adolf on this),are superior. Or that those who date marry/outside of their race are "traitors".

I feel both disgusted and perplexed by this because, like many converts, I'm in a mixed race marriage. My husband is Arab and a foreign national. Although to the likes of the BNP, I'm already a disgrace for converting to Islam (current legislation means it is not illegal to insult Islam and Muslims in the U.K, something the BNP have readily exploited).

One of the things the BNP finds objectionable about Islam is the idea that Muslims (of the non-white variety) will come into the country and take "their women", as when a mixed race child is born: "a white family line that stretches back into deep pre-history is destroyed."

Do these people not have access to history books? Due to an extensive history of invading each other, there is no pure white race in Europe. It doesn't exist.

In summary, the BNP wish to attack the lives, futures and dreams that I and other people in mixed race relations hold dear. That's why I cannot understand someone in a mixed race relationship supporting them.

Friday, December 22, 2006

One less despot

It is wrong to feel happiness at the news of someone's death, but I doubt few will shed tears over this:

Saparmurat Niyazov 1940-2006

As an aside, why do these dictators have such an obsession with spending vast amounts of money building kitsch monstrosities?

Also, Turkmenistan is energy rich so the Americans/Russians are both right now probably assembling a puppet with great haste.

May Allah protect the people of Turkmenistan and improve their situation.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Than Thou

Big, big thanks and shukrans for all the lovely comments. Especially considering how sluggish I've been about updating of late. Insha Allah there will be more posts soon, but this blog will not turn all soppy, I promise.

One of the bad things about blogging is the whole "Than Thou"attitude. You know some bloggers who are cooler than thou, smarter than thou and in the case of religious blogs way more pious and knowledgeable than thou. Unfortunately, such types are not content unless they are inflicting their sense of superiority on someone.

I try be honest on this blog. I listen to music, watch films and tv. I'm not yet the Muslim I'd like to be, but insha Allah I will be one day. Anyone who feels it's their religious duty to tell me otherwise, please find something more constructive to do.

The main reason behind this blog is to give an insight into being a convert (and to rant on about random things). I aware that I have to give a good impression about Islam, but at the same time, I want people to realise that Muslims aren't automatons and we aren't all alike either.

A lot is being said about integration into society. Politicians are trying to turn a highly subjective concept into some standard ideal we all have to match up to. How can you actually judge integration anyway?

We all live in a society, and we should all have the individual choice to participate in that society as we wish.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Are the stars out tonight?

"It'll happen when you least expect it."

"When you meet the right person, you'll know."

Two of the eyeroll-inducing cliches most frequently emitted by the well-meaning and happily married.

But what are cliches except truth wrapped in overfamiliar phases.

I wasn't expecting it, then I met him and I knew.

That was in September and we got married last month, Alhamdulilah.

We sat side by side on the floor of the mosque. Recited our vows. The simple words that change everything. What was written, cannot be erased.
The air was heavy with the weight of the future. In this life and the next.