Saturday, October 28, 2006

What Rape Is

And so another "learned man of Islam" opens his mouth and embarrasses us all.

The man in question is Sheikh al-Hilali of Australia and he has been giving us his views on rape being the fault of the women, complete with tasteful meat and cat metaphors.

Yet the "she was asking for it" mentality is surprisingly wide spread, across all sections of society.

I had a conversation once with a male acquaintance. He had heard about a girl being raped while on her way out on a Saturday night. He felt that since the girl was obviously looking for sex, she shouldn't feel too bad about the attack.

To which I replied "So how would you feel if that was your Mother? She obviously likes sex too, otherwise you wouldn't be here".

The silence was beautiful.

In such a debate, awash with various women-as-objects metaphors, something is always forgotten: What the act of rape actually entails.

Think what must occur during a rape, the physical brutality of unwanted sexual intercourse, the fear the victim feels, the violence inflicted on them, the total absence of mutual enjoyment.

Does anyone ever ask for that?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Eid Mubarak!

Insha Allah you all had a wonderful Ramadan. Thank you so much for all your kind wishes.

May all our good deeds be accepted and inspire more good actions for the coming year, Insha Allah.

Normal blogging service will be resumed very soon, Insha Allah!