Saturday, August 19, 2006

The camouflage of charity

Now that there is a supposed ceasefire, there are discussions about the money needed to rebuild Lebanon and where this money should come from.

In twee glass and china shops everywhere, there are signs with various variations on the theme of "You break it, you pay for it".

If you destroy something, there are consequences. Unless of course, you are the state of Israel. Then, there are only justifications. No apologies, no reparations, no hope for those suffering.

Unless Israel and the world is made to see that this destruction is wrong and unacceptable, Lebanon will never be safe, so what use is any charity money?

The shifting of the situation in Lebanon to just another charitable cause masks the injustice that has occurred there.

Lebanon has been violated and what the world is doing is just handing it make up to hide the injuries, the trauma, while murmuring "There, there. I'm sure Israel didn't mean for all this to happen. They're very nice really. You must have done something to upset them....."


Look_Book said...

Israel's atrocities can no more be hidden to the world. However these atrocities and acts of crime will never be seen by the western media particularly the media that is paid by zionist money. The jews are nice people , I am talking about the state policies of Israel backed by US and British government. Your post is target on the centre of the issue.

Jannah said...

and what really didn't surprise me was what I saw 2 days ago on abc news:
That G.W.Bush is aiming to gain the love of the lebanese citizens so he sent $50 million for rebuilding.

On the other hand, when abc reporters in Lebanon walked the streets to explore how did this act affect the Lebanese, all they could see is love, support and dedication to their government and hezballah... when Bush was mentioned and the money he sent, their answer was a huge sign on a torn down building saying: Made in U.S.A.

How did he ever think that the Lebanese he'd find any place for him in their hearts?

N.B. I talk here about G.W.Bush as a president. My words do not include any of the American people. That is, Americans have been mad lately saying we're blaming "them", we all know they're just like every body else with like look_book said, ideas fed from paid medias.

La Gitana said...

Isn't Hezbollah doing a hell of a job giving people compensation?

Bilal said...

the news about the crisis in Lebanon starts to slip away from the headlines- the world forgets everything and goes on with life as usual...
sad but true!

Alina said...

I've skimmed through a very annoying article in the NY Times. They were blaming the French for the delay in sending peace keeping troups in Lebanon. Well, so what? It's mostly an US mess, why don't they blame themselves for it, especially since people can understand from the article that Hezbollah has not been destroyed as they intended...They've destroyed Lebanon and now the world expects their government to take position against this terrorist group that Israeli constant bombing did nothing to it...

I am so tired of operations started with a high goal that cannot be reached!

Yes, France should speed up to help clean up a mess the US and Israel staged! We all should as doing nothing against it is similar to supporting it, in the end.

Now I wonder, after so much bombing, will Israeli people feel safe? Will those used to constant bombings and terrorist attacks feel any change and any safety knowing that actually, Hezbollah is still out there?

sume said...

My husband told me once that the Lebanese have a saying that goes something like, "Eventually the snow melts revealing the sh!t that lies underneath." The reason he said it was unrelated to the subject of your post, but I think it applies pretty well.

El Matador said...

I'm just back from the states and will be writing several posts about current political thinking over there, particularly in relation to foreign 'policy'.

Safiya said...

Thank you for all your replies.

Welcome Look_back, Jannah, La Gitana (as La Guitana!) and Bilal.

Indeed, it is the governments: Israeli, Western and Arab, that come out of this looking completely out of touch with the people.

As Sume (good to see you here again) said, the snow has definitely melted!

El Mat - looking forward to your posts. Is there still big support for Sinn Fein in the States?

Alina- It's strange that if the ceasefire doesn't hold, it's suddenly the fault of the French for not assembling a peace-keeping force
quickly enough.
Why should they be blamed? They weren't the ones doing the bombing! Such illogical nonsense being spouted by supposed respectable media sources.