Thursday, August 10, 2006

The bad words and good words

I have been having problems recently with someone posting persistently abusive and anti-Islamic comments on my blog.

Despite the fact that this is my blog, I will write what I want and delete whatever I want, the person feels very slighted about having their comments deleted.

To spare other people having to read the comments, I've switched the comment moderation on.

This commenter has a female pseudonym and their diatribes, focused on how they feel Islam treats women and hijab blah, blah,blah, because they care about women and women's dignity so much.

Today that commenter posted that I was a "F***ing Whore". The same insult so often used by men, grasping at something to silence a woman into submission.

Well, I won't be quiet. I enjoy blogging far too much, for the way it allows me to explore my feelings and for the wonderful people it has brought me into connect with (especially you, A.K).

As for the commenter, I truly feel sympathy for you. Please believe that I pray very hard for you, for the hatred which consumes your heart and your life to be lifted.

To anyone else who wants to bring their anti-Islamic pity party to this blog, hear this:

I am Muslim. Insha Allah, I will remain within the faith of Islam until my last breath leaves my body and beyond.

Becoming Muslim is the best thing I have ever done. The joy and peace my faith gives me is immense and words cannot adequately describe it.

I love the Prophet (pbuh) more then anyone who has ever walked the earth. I love him (pbuh). I love the Companions, I love the Mothers of the Believers (May Allah be pleased with them all) I love the Qur'an I love the Sunnah.

I love the changes that serving Allah has brought into my life, all the questions it has answered, all the fears it has eased.

So please Allah, nothing, nothing, no comment you make, no link you post, no insult you use will change any of this. All it will do is strengthen my faith, make me turn to Allah even more.

La ilaha il Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Allah


Alina said...

What happened to the freedom of faith these days? Safiya, really appreciate your determination, and you are right, this is your blog and people should follow your rules when visiting it. As for anti-muslims, I do believe that is just a way of expressing and undirected hate. If all muslims disappears, they would find some other point to direct their hate, I am sure!

Nora said...

Good for you Safiya. May you stay strong in your faith forever.
I salute you and your courage in expressing your feelings openly.
God bless you.

Ali la Loca said...

Safiya, I'm sorry someone has been abusing your blog and your beliefs in this way. Good for you for standing up for the things that are important in your life and not tolerating the negative and hateful influences of others who may not agree with your choices.

I am also sorry for the people that use religion - any religion - as a justification for violence. This is not what was intended by the teachings of God, Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha or any other, and I am sad to see so many examples to the contrary in our world today.

doshar said...

good for you Safiya. I am truly happy to have you as a sister in Islam. May God preserve and strengthen you always ISA.

roora said...

i am so happy for knowing you even via blog and to see someone proud of Islam like you do. I like you very much and ISA i would see you one day in real life.

Cindi said...

Way to stand up for yourself, Safiya! Stay strong in the iman!

Jannah said...

This is my first time to pass my your blog and it looks like I'll stay here for a while lol.

may Allah strengthen your faith. may Allah hold your head always high and let you live a life of peace, sincerity and forgiveness towards those who have done you harm.

Thank you for making my day...

Yasmin said...

It's all been said, Safiya, but I'll say it once more....may Allah continue to bless you, that you may be a blessing to others. Good for you. If only we all had your courage to stand up for our principles, I'm sure the world would be a much better place indeed.

Safiya said...

Thank you all so, so much for your words of support.

I have your back if any of you ladies ever need it in the blogosphere!

La Gitana said...

That's disgusting! Where do people get off critisizing someone's faith? It's a completely personal thing and if it gives one comfort no one has the right to take that away from you because they don't agree. If no one is is being hurt because of a religious belief, that is the end of the story, we should all leave each other in peace.