Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So the current hot idea is to have an international peace keeping force in Lebanon.

Would it not be more straight forward to insist that Israel stops trying to bomb it into oblivion?

Besides, Israel doesn't seem particularly fond of having an international presence.

If any other country (except the U.S, of course) behaved like this, there would be immediate sanctions and stern condemnatory faces all round. Whereas Israel, ever the spoilt child of the international scene, is allowed to throw it's toys out of the pram in any manner it so chooses, no matter what the effect or body count.

However, neither are Hezbollah, or their paymasters much of a shining hope for the Middle East.

Both sides have an ultimate aim in diametric opposition to each other. An aim which will never be fully realised due to the mere fact of the other's existence.

So all that leaves is spilt blood and blood doesn't cleanse, it congeals, providing nothing more than a stench and a surface for infection to flourish.


Alina said...

I guess this is one comprising picture of this recent conflict. To be honest, I care less about how they choose to end it, provided that it is stopped soon!

And very nice looking new template, Safiya!

chaval said...

hello safiya. came across ur site today. liked the moderate muslim post and comments as well.

yes, it has become the current hot idea for the time being. israel is evolving solutions to its convenience to best accommodate itself. hizbollah's resistance is forcing israel to continually revise its demands and solutions. the resistance is proving to be beyond expectations.
shining hope.
it depends on how you define shining hope. hizbollah and its paymasters are by far a better option than israel and its paymaster, check iraq.
the least to be said is that hizbollah is awakening this umma from deep slumber and bringing forth the main issue of the umma, the fight against the israeli/american zionists and the liberation of palestine. secondly, through hizbollah's action, we can see the sunnis and shiites are getting closer to each other down (what thinkers hope) the mainstream islam. thirdly, the idea of the resistance is being re-asserted against the wishes of the rulers who opted for USA/Israel as their masters.
this umma unfortunately has a very long bloody struggle. a destiny to fulfill and it will. it may take yet another century , or more or less, and hizbollah and our times might be just one phase of that struggle.
Jerusalem was occupied before, it took 90 years to liberate. it took 200 years to liberate the rest of the region around it.
to think of peace with israel embedded is wishful thinking.
peace requires justice.

Ali la Loca said...

Safiya -

I left you a comment earlier on your previous post and it has either not appeared yet or has been deleted...or I goofed and commented on the wrong blog.


El Matador said...

The West appeased the aggressors in the former Yougoslavia, and look at the hundreds of thousands of people who were massacred as a result.

I can understand Israeli anger at the attacks on its people, and we mustn't deflect part of the censure from Hezbollah, but killing innocent people is not the way to solve it.

Addionally, Isreali overkill (literally) will simply cause more young Muslims to join paramilitary organisations in anger, a development which will give Israel an even bigger headache in future.

Meeting fire with fire just creates more fire.

Safiya said...

Chaval - I agree, there is no peace without justice. But how much blood should be shed to pay for that justice?

El Matador - Yes, we both know exactly what killing leads to. Again, I want to thank you for your Bloody Friday post (if you're reading this folks, go and read it), as it was partly what inspired this post.

I will admit to being torn. Yes, injustice must be fought and our leaders seem to have no interest in ending oppression.
Yet I do not hold human life cheaply and I've heard so many horror stories about secterian conflicts, that I wonder how they can solve anything.

I don't think hate brings anything constructive.
From an Islamic point of view, hate is not in our religion. Our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) advised against anger and bore no rancour against anyone, no matter how badly they treated him.

One thing that annoys me about today's Ummah is we talk about doing things "In the name of Islam" and then ignore the Islamic guidance concerning how to achieve those things.

Ali - I got your other comment, thank you :)

Alina - I think a lot of people feel the same as you do.