Sunday, July 09, 2006

...Because Ali didn't burn her dinner....

...Italy won. Sigh.

I wanted France to win, especially after hearing they had a fellow convert on the team.
Alas, it was not to be. I won't blame Zidane. I'm not excusing his behaviour, but whatever Marco Materazzi said, it must have been something pretty heinous to receive such a reaction.

The dazed reaction of the French team following the Italian victory underlines the reality of tired legs not doing quite enough to win.

It has not been a World Cup of outstanding teams, although there has been some amazing football.

Best Match: Argentina v Mexico
Best Goal: Joe Cole v Sweden
Best Celebration: Mauro Camoranesi's post match, on pitch haircut.

No major tournament until the European Championships in 2008, no Olympics until then either - what's a sofa-loving sports fan meant to do until then?!


Alina said...

Well, I did wanted Italy to win, although I fell asleep after the first half...:D Was so tired and just couldn't keep my eyes open.

About not having anything to do: why not play a sport of some kind? :D

Ali la Loca said...

I was rooting for Italy (as you know), but must admit I was totally sick of it all by the end of the final match. All the lack of sportsmanship (and goals!) had me fed up with world cup this year.

Now I can go back to making lasagna.

Maybe you should get into rugby. I feel like there are rugby matches on tv here every day, and big championships all the time. People here are really into their rugby (and cricket), two games that I don't follow or really understand. But they look to be loads of fun for the people that do...

Ali la Loca said...

By the way, I didn't cook AT ALL that day, just to be sure that I didn't jinx the boys.

sabizak said...

You should switch to cricket

Safiya said...

Actually, I quite fancy ice hockey as a spectator sport. Shame they don't show it much on T.V here.

JD said...

The Asian Games are coming up in December. ;)