Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Soldier's Song

No one cares about soldiers.

The whole point of soldiers is to be the necessary fodder, expendable in order to achieve the desired aim.

No one cares about them when they are alive and when they are dead they care even less.
A "dignified" funeral. Crocodile tears from politicians. All that is left is the anguish from the family as they realise their child died for nothing.

Apparently Israel cares for it's soldiers. Except it doesn't really. Israel cares for it's pride, showing it's might and using any reason to treat the Palestinans like ants under a magnifying glass.

You cannot care about something which you do not value. When something is priced in blood, the real cost is far greater then that.


mitar2a3 said...

i really like and agree on ur opinion

Edward Ott said...

we like to use young men as soldiers, mostly cause they think they can't die.

Yasmin said...

Well said! The soldiers are the puppets in the politicians' hands.

Ever seen Fahrenheit 9/11? The mother of that dead American soldier who had been serving in Iraq really brought tears to my eyes.

The world remembers them for 10 minutes, but the families have to deal with the heartache for the rest of their lives.

Safiya said...

Yasmin - Yes I've seen Fahrenheit 9/11. Heartbreaking.

Edward Ott - You are exactly right.

Mitar2a3 - Shukran

LouLou said...

Well other than conscripts, most soldiers are people who chose war as a career so I don't see them as passive victims really. When you sign up for the military in most countries you know you won't be deciding where & when you go to war. That's not your job.

Soldiers choose to put themselves at the disposal of politicians because they believe they are serving their country that way. They make that choice. Ultimately they die - if they do - for something they believed in.

And as for no one caring about them well their families, friends & loved ones care about them. Just like the rest of us. That's all anyone can ask for really. I mean if I die tomorrow who will care? People who know & love me. The rest of the world won't. Why should they?It's not something that makes me feel a very great loss. We can't all be famous.

I feel a lot more sympathy for civilians who get caught in war zones because they don't choose to be there & have nowhere else to go & yet they suffer sometimes much more than the soldiers on either side without having the armor or the weapons or the physical & psychological training that soldiers have to protect themselves & cope with the horrors of war.

Safiya said...

Lou Lou - I agree that it is always the civilians who suffer most in wars.

What makes me angry is the wanton waste of young lives in these wars, both of the soldiers and those living in the warzone.

The main point of my post was about Israel claiming it's actions in Gaza are to recapture the kidnapped soldier, when they don't really care about him at all.

Ali la Loca said...

Yes, serving one's country and knowingly "signing up for war" are part of enlisting to be a soldier. But there is also a strong socio-economic component, at least in the US. Many recruits get sucked in because the Army will pay for their college education, or get them a guaranteed job, or give them a free watch and t-shirt, or whatever the "prize" is being offered that day.

I think Farenheit 9/11 did a good job of illustrating that it is primarily poor, minority youth that are serving and dying for the US in its wars.

Rrramone said...

I checked out your blog because I also was a "benevolent inventor". :-) You seem interesting! Maybe that means I am too.

Bravo to you for following your own beliefs.