Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Islamic FAQ

These are just some of the questions I have been asked (New stupid questions will be added to the list) :

"Do you go to sleep in your hijab?"

"Aren't you hot wearing all that?" (asked many, many times).

"Does your hijab have to be blessed by a priest?"

"Will you be having an arranged marriage?"

"Can you still have children?"

"Why isn't your hijab black?"

"Can you still get married?"

"Haven't you read the Bible?"

"Why have you betrayed your Christian roots?"

"Why can't you be a Buddhist instead? At least that's a peaceful religion"

"But I thought you were a feminist?"

"You're not going to become one of those suicide bombers are you?"

"How come Muslims are so bitter?"

"How can you marry someone without sleeping with them first?"

Finally the prize for most offensive question goes to:

"Are there many white Muslims so you don't have to marry a black man?"

"Aren't you the wrong colour to be a Muslim?"

"So if you can't drink or have boyfriends, what do you do for fun?"


MeMo said...

that's a normal response to the total ignorace most of the ppl have about other religions
it's not just this
some egyptian and christians muslims say weired things about each other
and both say even worse things about judism
and jews say the same about the other two
i can'y see any solution except when asked just tell them the truth or even redirect them to a site that you trust and speaks about islam .
very nice blog BTW

Alif said...

I came here to say the same as what memo said.
and add to it:

People of Abrahamic faiths say the weirdest things about other faiths, and even more weird things about none believers.

mitar2a3 said...

thank God u knew ur way to Islam, it's the most wonderful grace itself .. el hamdo lilah

i love ur blog and wish u all the best

luckyfatima said...

yeppers i think i could churn out a list of about 1000 of these. some of them the same as you have mentioned. funny thing is that i could make an equally hair raising list about dumb questions put to me by Muslims themselves :)

Alina said...

When it comes to dumb questions, there is no end or limit, no matter who asks and to whom...This is my opinion!

Yasmin said...

:) I have heard most of those questions at one stage or another over the years.

One which is unrelated to hijab: when i was at secondary school and told my P.E teacher that I did not want to shower in a common shower room with all the other girls, preferring to shower on my own, she reported me to the head who asked me - 'Is it true that your religion does not allow you to have a shower'?

Safiya said...

Memo, Alif and Mitar2a3 - Thank you for your comments. I'm sure your blogs are lovely, but sadly my Arabic is currently very poor, so I can't read them.

Luckyfatima - I have also had some stupid questions from Muslims, but I'm sure you've had many more, especially with living in the Middle East. I would love to read your post on that

Alina - In my more sour moments, I think of Mr Garrison in South park when he said: "There are no stupid questions, only stupid people".

Yasmin - How did you keep a straight face when she asked that? I hated showers in P.E anyway. Not that I ever did enough in a lesson to break a sweat anyway, but that's another story.

Alina said...

Wow, another SouthPark fan! Cheers :)

Hajar said...

My all time favorite one was:
"Why don't you take all that off? You're an American now!"

I gave that lady the shock of her life when I told her:
"Ma'am, I was born an American; I'm a Muslim by choice!"
Her eyes nearly popped out of her head! My supervisor at the time heard the whole thing and he died away laughing. He giggled all evening; everytime he thought of it, and told me I put that lady in her place, and he enjoyed seeing her face when I told her. LOL! ;)
It was probably one of the most hilarious experiences I've had and the fact that my boss was cracking up about it made it even funnier.

doshar said...

God be with you girl... these can drive one mad, if not for sometimes being so ridiculous they are funny!

anyway... it really because of ignorance... and some things people can not understand till they actually do

as for marrying someone wihout sleeping with them first.... that is in all religions... right?

Яαgιи Яαvєи said...

Those are basically stereotypical questions that can only affirm the fact that most people out there don't know anything about this religion. If asked, be calm, don't throw anything, and answer them gladly. Those questions might just come out of a person who is likely to be interested in knowing something that might possibly be worth checking out and looking into.