Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Gift of Unity

There is a lot written on the differences amongst Muslims. Different madhabs, sects, ethnicities, organisations.

Instead of being a proof of the universality of Islam, these differences are used by some as evidence of their superiority. Or more frequently, of other's inferiority.

There was an advert recently, on one of the Islamic channels, for an Umrah/Hajj package. The voice over stated "Five times a day, all Muslims turn towards the same place", while the picture showed a montage of different Muslims all turning towards Makkah.

It's something easy to take for granted, to not appreciate this as yet further evidence of Allah's grace.

Five times a day, a sizable (and growing) chunk of the world's population, perform the same actions, speaking the same language. At any given time, I can stand on my prayer mat and know there are people all over the world doing the same.

Now that is real unity. It is something very precious that Allah has given us, and we should cherish it and remain mindful of it, instead of squandering this blessing in the pursuit of material gain.

May Allah guide and protect us all.


Alina said...

Beautifully put, Safiya! Finding connections to unite people is always something we should welcome. Too bad people find it easy to find reasons to split them apart!

doshar said...

i know what you mean. if you ever travel to makkah, the feeling is so inensified, everywhere... i mean everywhere, everyone you see in the street with almost no exception,... at the tim e of prayer, you see them walking the street.... you know where they are going... to the ka3ba to pray. alot holding a prayer at in their hands... some running a little bit to get there in time.

also ramadan is a very unifying thing for muslims... you know in ramadan that a billion plus people are fasting with sunset, so many ( at least in the same time zone as you) are having their fetar meal... etc etc.

ramadan is really one of the best times a year to feel the unity of muslims, al hamdulillah for that

Ali la Loca said...

I think that feeling of unity is what many of us search for in life, be it through religion, family traditions, coincidence, superstition - whatever. Knowing that you are not alone is so important, especially when you feel distanced (either geographically or emotionally) from those that surround you.

Thank you for sharing this lovely message.

Essam said...


aroundtheclock24_7 said...

beautiful and inspiring way of thinking ;) May God bless you ;)

Hajar said...

I know, it's important to focus on the similarities. Relentlessly. Consistantly.

Safiya said...

I'm really happy this post got comments from Non-muslims as well as Muslims.

As Hajar (nice to see you back) wrote, we have to always keep focused on our similarities. Just like Sesame Street always said.

Me said...

Loved this post !!