Thursday, May 25, 2006

Petty Fascinations Part One: Yulia Tymoshenko's Hair

Once upon a time, women did not have hair styles, they had hairdo's. Hair styles have bounce and vitality. Hairdo's do not move. At all. Hair styling is about drying your hair in a certain way and using a few hair products. Hairdo's are created, or rather, engineered, using a fist full of hair pins, various implements of a blistering temperature and the contents of a can of hairspray so large, it can be used as a battering ram.

Sadly the hairdo is a dying art, although there are a few maintaining the standard. Step forward Yulia Tymoshenko. Since 2002, the Ukrainian politician has worn her hair in an impeccably neat braid, based on a traditional Ukrainian hairdo. Such was the stir this ornate hairdo caused, speculation was rife that the braid was a result of a hair extension. When asked this question publically, Tymoshenko responded by unpinning (see!) her hair, to show that it was all her own. Since then, come rain or revolution, the braid has not shifted, not even a hair out of place.

Pictures obviouisly not taken by me and obtained from BBC News, Pravda, Ukrainian Elle, and The

According to this article, Yulia Tymoshenko takes exactly seven minutes every morning to style her hair. Impressive.

Also, if you Google "Yulia Tymoshenko hair", this blog is the 10th result.


Rain said...

Mmmmm..that's interesting..i've never thought there's a difference between hairstyle and hairdo or even haircut :D ..they all mean to me changing the way u do ur hair :))).

Ali la Loca said...

I wish I were a devotee of a hairdo, or even a hairstyle... I do absolutely nothing with my hair - I don't even brush it! I just get out of the shower and twirl it into locks or tie it back in a ponytail. It's practical, but not so elegant...

LouLou said...

I think her hair looks very pretty.

Hairdos are not really out of fashion now. Chignons are still very popular for weddings & formal events. Brides still wear their hair up most of the time.

And famous hairstylists still release new catalogs with the latest elaborate hairdos every season.

They're nice for special occasions but not really practical for everyday. Too high maintenance.

Alexandra G said...

I wish I had more hair to have this choice! I've been wearing the same 'do' for years. I actually really like her look! I like almost all but the mohawk which has always looked extremely silly to me!

Muslim said...


Safiya said...

Firstly, welcome and salaams to Alexandra G and Muslim.

Rain - Glad to provide some interesting information

Ali - I don't know about how you style it but your hair always looks very shiny in pictures.

Loulou- I think once upon a time, fancy hairdo's were a more everyday thing, but yes, her hair does look very pretty.

Actually, I think we are generally far too boring with how we style our hair, although there is a lot of experimentation in the field of Afro hair styling.

I wrote this post because I truly am fascinated by Tymoshenko's hair. It is such an elaborate style, which I love and I think the reason's why she has chosen it are just as interesting.

Rain said...

I really love ur new template , it's awesome!

Alina said...

Safiya, I am with Ali on this one, whish I did more to my hair in either way.

As for certain events, such as weddings, I have to stand by Lou's side, hardos will always have their special place!

Also, there is a trend to make hairdo's look casual and hairstyle-like, just a little something appearing in a second in your hair. The truth lies in the large hidden quantities of pins, spray and moose! :)

Cecil said...

If Tymoshenko were Muslim, this conversation and the pictures about her hair could not exist, 'cause it would all be covered under some veil.

Safiya said...

Even if Yulia Tymoshenko was Muslim and wore hijab, I'm sure she'd still wear it in some super stylish and unusual way and thus still provide me with something to post about.

Some people are just born stylish.

Richard Neva said...

I love Yulia and wish we had that kind of class in our government! I might even start voting again. Now all we get are miscreants!