Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Winner Takes it All

So the result was:

Gold: Shizuka Arakawa
Silver: Sasha Cohen
Bronze: Irina Slutskaya

The exact reverse of what I predicted, so I know nothing. In fact I said that Slutskaya would do something special, it turned out that something special was to skate really averagely.

I'm so pleased Arakawa skated so beautifully. She is clever too. I'm sure she watched Sasha fall and thought "I'll do less complicated jumps but make sure I skate clean", which was a fantastic tactic.
What makes the women's event so special to me is those moments when it looks so graceful, so spellbinding and yet so effortless, you catch your breath. In past years the Women's event became dominated by teenagers, but the way Arakawa skated is something that comes with maturity, she skated like a woman and won.

In a youth obsessed world, it's good to see at least one instance where teenage doesn't equal better.

Just the Gala to look forward to on Friday, I can't wait!

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Al Sharief said...

"I'll do less complicated jumps but make sure I skate clean",

Almost a very good tactics for Life & Living...

Nice Blog & like your courage & the way you put out stuff...