Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just leave out the reasons

Why must we Muslims be so negative?

Reading an article in The Muslim News with the headline "No Muslims Knighted in New Years Honours".

The article starts by saying

"A total of 19 Muslims (4 OBE's, 14 MBE's and one overseas MBE) have been included the New Years Honours List."

This is good news, right? No because:

"Notably no member of the Muslim community was knighted or awarded a CBE.
However five members of the Jewish community are to receive Knighthood"

The article continues by listing exactly how many Jews, Hindus and Sikhs (what, no Buddhists!) got which Honours.

I'm not sure why an article, which should be about celebrating the achievements of our brothers and sisters, has to have such undertones of victims of Zionist plot/Islamophobia to it.

Anyway, I've decided that Ayesha Qureshi MBE is the person I'd most like to go clothes shopping with. She always looks so well turned out.


Alina said...

Well, it is always easier to be negaitve..To have a positive attitude, stress out the good parts in anything, hoping there will eventually be more to tell about the great aspects of the story is actually hard to achieve and to keep it on track. Negative sides are always easy to see and this does not need so mych hard work.

Abu Sinan said...

Good start. I am a convert myself. There is a large strain of paranoia in the Islamic community, it does get annoying at time.

Being married to an Arab woman I get it all the time from her family. You try to address it from time to time, but then you give up!


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaykum, sister

One of the first British Muslims to be chosen for knighthood actually refused his "honour" because he would have had to bow down to the Queen. As Muslims, it is permitted to us to bow to Allah alone. So Muslims shouldn't really be accepting knighthoods and the like...